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Togo - After Tikpi Atchadam, Agbéyomé also conceals

Togo - Politique
iciLome | | 9 Commentaires

The power of Lomé doesn't seem to have a winning opponent. Tikpi Atchadam who said Faure Gnassingbé cannot leave the power through an election and called for protests against the son of Eyadéma in 2017, finally disappeared from the political actualities. After the February 2020 presidential election in Togo, the opposition party MPDD faces intense challenges for not accepting the official results of the election which put its leader Agbéyomé Kodjo at the second position of the poll. The former Prime minister who is eventually said to be target of security threats, has also decided to hide.

Contrary to popular belief, Agbéyomé Gabriel Kodjo did not leave the country, reassured the spokesperson for the Dynamique Monseigneur Kpodzro, Brigitte Adjamagbo Johnson.

Mr. Kodjo's parliamentary immunity was lifted in March for having «self-proclaimed» President of the Republic of Togo. He was then arrested and released later, but prohibited from leaving the country without authorization and must not make « statements tending to question the results of the presidential election of February 22».

The unfortunate candidate who is accused of endangering state security, disturbing public order and disseminating false information was summoned by the dean of the examining magistrates last week, but Did not entertain the calling because he is allegedly being in danger.

« Mr. Agbeyomé Kodjo was very clear. He says his life is threatened, so he has taken shelter. I can tell the Togolese that he did not give up the fight. The struggle continues.» said Brigitte Adjamagbo.

Meanwhile, Mrs Adjamagbo appeared before the investigating judge on Tuesday and assured that the fight continues.

« I was summoned as part of the prosecution against President Agbéyomé, Fulbert Attisso and myself. I felt comfortable answering questions. I only said truths. I know what I’m criticized for is that we’re fighting together(...) We are fighting a political fight, we are not criminals, we are only fighting to make the deep aspirations of the Togolese come true. » hammered the lawyer and human rights activist.

Mr. Agbéyomé, who obtained 19.46% of the votes on February 22, against 70.78% for Mr. Gnassingbé, according to official results, formulated a legal appeal. But this was rejected in March by the Constitutional Court, which validated the voting.

Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé came to power in 2005 after the death of his father, Général Gnassingbé Eyadéma, who had ruled Togo for 38 years.

Mensah A.

Togo - After Tikpi Atchadam, Agbéyomé also conceals
Togo - After Tikpi Atchadam, Agbéyomé also conceals

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 9   Ikeja | Jeudi, 16 Juillet 2020  - 13:22
  HIl hi hi !

Some ghetto boys talking about politic. You all joking, do you think Your crying guy Agbeyome won presidential elections? He is 1 of better brigand in Togo. Kpodzro is accomplice!
Be up boys!!!

"Tôt ou tard" an idiot !

 8   Tôt ou tard | Jeudi, 16 Juillet 2020  - 8:49
  Réponse à 5-Truth
  First of all , I appreciate this work from icilome and tell Mensah to keep it up as Truth said. We would love to be reading especially these kind of topics in English to let the whole world know what is going on in the hell that they call TOGO., Now fellow Togolese, I would like to pass through this not to tell you that, Faure Gnassingbé's end is close. Not because I wish it, but because the way the opposition parties handle issues against him has changed. I never believed Agbéyomé would still be saying he won the election. I think this is sufficient to show how much Togolese are forced to live how Gnassingbés want. And trust me, a time will come. Let's just keep pushing him, Madjoulba's shocking death is also a plus to the fight. Faure will at the end fail. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? SOON, PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS! WE CAN DO SOMETHING, AS TOGOLESE TO MAKE FAURE FALL. HIS STRENGTH IS YARK AND KATANGA... fast! Let's go for them , creat confusion in their lives..they will run leave the country for Togolese, hence Faure will either commit suicide or go to exil. Let's use all means!

 7   koffi | Jeudi, 16 Juillet 2020  - 2:17
  The day Gnassingbé Eyadema overthrew the president elected, Sylvanus Olimpio, started the slide of Togo into deep struggle. Eyadema's ruling was marked by systematic money embezzlement, wide spread corruption, persecution and killing of political opponents. The illiterate from Piya never had in mind the development of Togo outside of his personal enrichment. After an half century of power grab, Eyademas, father and son , brought Togo to its knees. Togo ranks among the poorest countries in Africa despite its abondant natural ressources and unlimited potentialities. Opposition members are daly persecuted. Those who feel theirs lives threatened are pushed to exile. Unfortunate ones are killed in a cold blood. While Togolleses are grieving for the death of Colonel Bitala Madjoulba, beheaded in is office by Faure's death squad, Agbeyome Kodjo, the true winner of recent presidential election is running for his life. Faure Gnassingbé is a criminal that must be brought to international criminal court one day to be charged for crimes against humanity.

 6   JS | Mercredi, 15 Juillet 2020  - 23:58
The Gnassingbes rule the country todevelop the UNDER-development.
The poverty in Togo, from the Gnassingbes; and the Gnassingbes, source of the poverty in Togo.

 5   Truth | Mercredi, 15 Juillet 2020  - 22:42
  Réponse à 1-Fernando garcia
  Great job compatriot Mensah for informing us in English. Keep it up, bro. As for you compatriot Fernando garcia, please stop insulting other compatriots and use your brain to convince them instead. As you know, only people with weak intellect resort to insults, denigrating, and spreading false rumors. Cease belittling yourself and it will be better for you especially after admitting that both current regime and the one that preceded it are corrupt.

Finally are implying with your last saying that the country belongs to the Gnassingbe; and as such no one should denounce the evil doing? Please elaborate on your proverb.

 4   EWO N' ZINZIN | Mercredi, 15 Juillet 2020  - 19:6

 3   Free Togo | Mercredi, 15 Juillet 2020  - 16:45
  This is a deja-vu. Same cycle of political witch hunt: opposition leader been target by Eyadema's death squad after fraudulent elections. Eyademas, father and son, never won election in Togo despite the evidence that they have all judiciary branch that controles election process from start to results publication under their influence. Agboyome Kodjo, like Tikpi Atchadam, made smart and safe move by going into hideout since the savage and cruel authoritarian Togolese regime never been held accountable for crimes they are committing on their population. As reminder, Faure came to power in 2005 by killing more than 500 civilians who were protesting against the military coup that illegally handed him the presidency after the death of his father. Until the so called international community, now a profit making organisation, starts looking into Eyadema overwhelming human right violations with impartiality, Togolese oppositions leaders and members will continue living in hell in their own country.

 2   Papavi | Mercredi, 15 Juillet 2020  - 16:21
  Réponse à 1-Fernando garcia
  Fernando what robish are you talking. Faure can never win election in Togo.. Tikpi has already said that the problem of Togo is Eyadema his son. Togo needs a democratic transition. The country has been wrongly drived by Gnassimbé familly. What is Togolese proud today against Ghana and Benin ?

The true of the matter the power of Lomé doesn't want any chanlenge whether Agbéyomé or not.

 1   Fernando garcia | Mercredi, 15 Juillet 2020  - 15:39
  We will let the Mighty God decide the faith of these losers. They will keep running away until our beloved country is empty of these NUISIBLE INSECTES. You do not buy destiny but you earn it from God. An idiot like Agbeyome cannot be serious about economic and social change in Togo. He is one the most corrupt politicians under the GENERAL.

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